Thursday, January 29, 2009

god's own companies

Raju, a footpath vendor, begins his hectic business day with a prayer on his lips and lighting a lamp in front of the picture of a God -- a calender art -- placed at a corner of his 'establishment.'

He is not alone in the endeavour of invoking God for business success.

In India almost all entrepreneurs -- sole proprietors and corporates -- begin their day with similar rituals.

For them, to run a business, God is an integral part -- an Invisible Director or partner as the case may be -- in the scheme of things.

When they rake in money it's God's grace.

With ruthlessness, failures are attributed to HIM.

And shareholders?

Even those who do not know the basics of share trading, or company activities, enter the markets with hard earned money or borrowed funds.

They buy shares but do not know who the Chief Executive Officer of the company is or what the company does to enhance their share value.

If shares go up, they exult and merry make; if it is red all the way, they curse their ill-luck, pass the buck to God.

For both the parties God is a convenient shield against losses incurred through omissions or commissions.

CEOs can fail.

CFOs can fail.

Internal and external auditors can fail.

Shareholders can fail.

And finally, Gods too can fail or has to fail.

Then it becomes easy to wriggle out of the mess created knowingly (as is in most cases) or unknowingly (no notable instances) by stakeholders.

As night falls, it's time for Raju to wind up his day's business.

He packs his products. Bids farewell to God. Lights up a camphor. Leaves for home -- with hopes of a better tomorrow.

With fingers burnt, money lost, lenders breathing down the neck, a shattered shareholder too decides to take a final call on his life.

At home, his kin light up a camphor -- for his soul to rest in peace.


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kavalam said...

Jai ho.... kalakki. athu kalakki..... pinne ithu nirtharuth. thutaranam... namukku chila padhathikal aasootranam cheyyamm.....