Sunday, January 25, 2009

remember the time

I was just going through some bundles of old papers two days ago as part of cleaning exercise at the home front.

To my great surprise and joy I found some inlands and post-cards.

Yes inlands and post-cards.

Letters to me from friends and relatives.

Letters of joy, sorrow, love.

I am not writing about some pre-historic or pre-Independence period or "When-I-was-a-child" variety.

Just 12 or 14 years down the lane.

Letter writing was still in vogue.

Or that was the only way to reach out.

No blogging, no sms, no missed calls.

My children are unable to digest it.

"Without phone how can you talk," they asked.

I showed them the blue sheets and yellow cards, every inch of them filled with words and words so as to ensure that the money spent on it is fully used.

Is letter writing becoming extinct?

Even e-mails cannot give the personal touch the blue sheet used to provide while being delivered by the khaki-clad postman.

(more on it later)

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