Wednesday, March 17, 2010


"My Name Is ...." thundered Qui Than alias Koran Makan Kunhi Thevan, on his return from Copenhagen via Australia, after successfully preventing Himalayan glaciers from melting, ignoring Pachauri's warning.
While in Kangaroo land, he donated his iPod, costly watch, jewelry and everything that Australians considered valuable to Victorian police chief Simon Overland and looked poor.
(A dare-devilry act considering the fact that even a half-naked fakir avoided Australia during his life time though he took pains to visit Mussolini's Italy).
Australians sweltered at this kind act and the country's mercury level shot up to a decade-high.
Qui Than was so stimulated that he wanted an early exit, desperately.
But Mayamohini -- the 33 per cent-empowered Pleasure Executive, who was relishing a Kraft chocolate -- was not easily amused. She knows, so long as inflationary tendencies persist, exit in any form or name will be dubbed as premature.
She is not game for any action plan that ignores inclusivity.
(Oops! It doesn't mean that Pakistan cricketers should be auctioned along with Balasaheb in the Indo-Pak League-2010).
Swaravahini, the breaking-news expert, refused to take up the role of a valuable interlocutor between Qui Than and Mayamohini.
"Three Idiots cannot hold the country's women for ransom," a cash-strapped Qui Than told a crowded press conference hurriedly convened near an ATM centre at Mumbai suburban railway station.
Swaravahini was more than pleased -- bytes were on a roller-coaster ride. She instructed her camera crew to follow Qui Than in a Train-The-Talk mode but definitely no Emotional Atyachar.
When he winked at her, she noticed the cholesterol deposit in the hollow of his Left eye.
"Xanthelsama," she murmured.
(Leonardo da Vinci first diagnosed xanthelsama in Mona Lisa and later Mulayam Singh in Amar Singh. There are unconfirmed reports that Mamta had discovered it in Basu some ten years ago, adds Swaravahini).
"I can't resist the temptation of showering you with bounties," whispered Qui Than to Mayamohini in an earnest effort to bridge differences between them that emerged during Phyan's visit.
"Don't fuel my dreams," she retorted.
"This is my last chance," he pleaded.
"Let's try the middle path," she suggested.
"Financial prosperity depends on public prosperity," he angled a Kautilya theory at her.
"The opportunity is great. The time is right," she agreed.
Qui Than's face brightened like a fresh, ripened mango. He became Aam Aadmi.
In the after glow, Mayamohini shed her inhibitions and made a smashed mango chutney.
Janus, the two-faced God from whose name January was derived at, has opened the gates of 2010 with a bang. Its for the visitors to decide the next step.
And sitting under a coconut tree, Koran smiled, as he had just purchased the coconut he had sold last week for Rs. 3, at Rs. 12. For sure, the economy is booming.
(To be continued)


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