Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The First Family

Sitting under a coconut tree, on a sunny afternoon, Koran smiled.
Koran is the legendary tenant-labourer sighted usually in Kerala.
He is destined to sip Kanji -- rice soup -- from Kumbil -- cup made of plantain leaf.
And sitting under a coconut tree, on a sunny afternoon, Koran smiled -- for reasons known or unknown to him.
He cannot do otherwise.
His wife Kotha, who has a Permanent Wardrobe Malfunction Syndrome (PeWaMS) as she always sports a single-piece traditional attire, don't approve of it.
"Only gigolos smile," she says.
Their only son K.M. Qui Then (originally Koran Makan Kunhi Thevan) is expected any day from London, where he is supposed to undergo higher studies. But to the best of Koran's knowledge he is still studying in a school there -- London School of Economics.
"The moment he returns I will retire," smiles Koran.
"From what?" retorts Kotha.
"I can handover my philanthropic works to him," he smiles.
"He will have better things to do," Kotha barks.
These dialogues occur every time one among them attempts to cross another's orbit.
Coming to Koran's philanthropic works, he never calls it by any other name, they are something only he can do.
Nurturing waste land is just one of the numerous activities he undertakes.
Data pertaining to waste land, private and government, is on his finger tips.
Again by destiny, the duty to nurture them rests on his shoulders. Because it was the time when Global Village -- his native place -- is known by some other name. Koran was the sole proprietor.
And sole proprietorship was yet to find a mention in the Criminal Procedure Code.
One fine day, without sound or fury everything collapsed -- right under his watchful eyes.
And sitting under a coconut tree, one sunny afternoon, Koran smiled.
(to be continued)

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kavalam said...

Skechukal kalakkunnunt ketto. pantathe kuthu kurikkalinu kurachu gauravam vannathu pole.... nannayi.....