Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Only two types of homosapiens will remain on this planet this V-Day (V for victory, victoria's secret, vagina, vegetable, valentine -- in that order):
They are the Pinks and the Punks.
Pinks dislike anything in pink -- pinkslips and pink chaddi included.
Punks like anything that is pink -- wine with soda, for a change.
Come Saturday, it is going to be a Twenty20 between the Pees (pun intended).
Here are the dos and don'ts for the day.
Anything will retrograde against anything as planets tend to line up in an equilateral position that is impossible to penetrate with or without protection gear.
power dressing
Avoid at any cost. Lion-tailed macaques are the flavour of the day. Straightjackets are best suited for the occassion.
for the palate
Smashed onion with tomato and red chillies.
Yellow thread, rings, kumkum (diluted).
Milk (hot or cold) flavoured with saffron (mangalore variety).
Visit the nearest waterhole and show V sign.
The temptation to set eyeballs in motion, whisper.
Jai ram (sene) shri ram (sene) jai jai ram fusion with pink floyd.
One two-one two; left-right, let go.
for more details contact: promod muthalik, chairperson, The Consortium of Pub going, Loose and Forward Women.

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