Thursday, February 19, 2009

The First Family -- return of the prodigal

His arrival was not without much fanfare. Kotha, (his mother, for the uninitiated) had made all the arrangements.
She informed her club members, including Mayamohini -- the local pleasure executive -- well in advance about her only son's return to the roots and ensured that they lined up at the arrival launch of the airport with brickbats (and bouquets, if necessary).
And as was the usual practice, Koran was asked to sit at home or rather, under the coconut tree.
Smoking a cigar Qui Than flowed perfectly into the waiting hands of his mother and her friends.
And crushing the cigar between the forefinger and thumb he quipped: "Slum dogs."
Basking in the purity of the first spoken word, the waiting crowd too yelled: "Jai Ho."
Local airport reporter Swaravahini couldn't describe the scene as her vision was blurred with tears and emotion choked her words. The television crew members had a difficult time controlling her.
The crowd insisted that they disperse only after a round or two of firing into air and Jana Gana Mana. Their demand was met forthwith by an obliging Kasab and his friends.
Qui Than entered the chauffeur-driven Merc along with Mayamohini and drove away to an unknown destination.
Breaking news followed: "Footfalls at Mayamohini's recreation centre up." He immediately took note of it and passed a flying kiss to her. She melted in its warmth.
And sitting under a coconut tree, Koran smiled.
(to be continued)

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