Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's physics, honey

The verdict is out.
Mathematics and chemistry have failed miserably.
The surprise winner is physics.
The efforts of spin doctors who played with permutations and combinations with the help of calculus went in vain.
Chemical analysts who tried to harvest pheromones ended up with acid burns.
The silent voter, who watched the whole tamasha without even a smile, stole the show.
That is how Indian democracy works.
A majority of the rural electorate -- who has a hand-to-mouth existence and rarely has the time or the means to watch the high-decibel verbal duels sponsored under arc lights -- scared of the likely turn of events in case the next government is forced to rely on mathematicians and chemists, exercised their right to choose with decisiveness and a vengeance.
Fed up of kichidi they went for an easily digestible fare from the menu offered.
It was proved that curry leaves and mustard are good for seasoning but not consumable as standalone dishes.
Those relied heavily on ratios, equations and horses were majestically told that Enough is Enough.
The voters chose their elective subject as physics.
They said: E = mc2
Jai Ho!

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