Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bang on target

ON A  day marked for music and culture, a miniscule section of Coimbatore assembled on the lush green compound of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University to listen to abhang rendition of Aruna Sairam.
It was part of the Vasanth Panchami conceived by the Confederation of Indian Industry, Southern Region.
The choice of venue showed application of mind by the organisers, as the chilly morning, cool breeze, chirping birds, and devotional music was so much in sync with the greenery provided by the university campus, not to mention the Krishna-idol-decorated cute little stage.
The only odd one among the lot was the plastic sheet tied to the trees to provide a shade (under the green shade!).
Though the programme was slated to begin at 10 a.m., a small crowd of 100, grey was predominant,  had gathered at the venue by 9.30 a.m. itself.  Surprisingly, youth -- especially the students of the university, were conspicuous by their absence. May be that entry was free!
Next time the CII should announce that passes cost a minimum of Rs. 1,000. Then there will be a mad scramble for free passes!
By the time Aruna Sairam invoked Goddess Saraswati -- incidentally it was Saraswati's birthday -- the number of rasikas  had trebled, with a sprinkle of youth, mostly music students.
Her captivating sound, the quick ascensions and descends of abhang, made even the birds keen listeners. 
Along with the applause by the rasikas, trees shed their leaves in appreciation. The Nature, the audience, and the singer, have become one -- the Vithal lala.
Aruna Sairam led the audience to the pranks of Krishna song by song  mostly by Tamil composers, for about two hours.
Then she reminded the audience, which was in no mood to call it a day, that it was time for lunch and time to sign off.
She concluded the session with a 'Bhojan keerthana' that listed more than 100 dishes in 'arohana avarohana krama.'
A filling for soul and body.

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kavalamsasikumar കാവാലം ശശികുമാര്‍ said...

wah wah...fantastic experience.... feel are so lucky...krishna hare jaya .....and what else dear...