Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Independence Sushe

MANY PEOPLE may call it by many names, but I prefer to call it the 'Independent Sushe,' since I made it on Independence Day. To know more about 'Sushe,' check link.
This is an easy-to-make-and-eat dish. Time taken: 45 minutes.


Potatoes 500 gm; Big onions 250 gm; Fennel seeds (perum jeera) one table spoon; Coriander leaves 50 gm; Green chilly 50 gm; Coconut oil (preferred);   Salt to taste: Rusk powder 50 gm.


Boil potatoes, peel them. Slice big onions to small pieces. Smash green chillies. Add fennel seeds and coriander leaves. Pour two table spoons of coconut oil. Mix all of them together -- I prefer hand for it -- and make into  balls. One can easily make 12 balls.
Use the lid of a 500 gm bottle (not liquor) to flatten the balls. Roll them over rusk powder.


Those with a timid heart can opt for oven so as to lessen oil use -- time 45 minutes.
The brave hearts can fry it in a pan using oil.


Garnish with chopped onions, coriander leaves, tomato sauce, soybean sauce, and mayonnaise.


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